Storage Unit Pricing

We want you to be clear about the costs of self storage and offer a Price Match Guarantee

At Segment® Storage we don’t want you to feel confused about storage prices and what is and is not included.

What factors influence the cost of a storage unit?

  • The size of your unit
  • The length of time you store
  • The popularity of your chosen unit size
  • Ground floor or first floor
  • Extended access hours required
  • if you pay monthly or in full up front

What factors do not influence the cost of your storage unit?

  • Whether you book online, by phone or in store
  • Whether you are storing for business or personal use

The size of your unit

The larger the unit the more expensive it will be, however on a price per foot basis, the larger units are generally a more cost effective option.

The length of time you store

The longer you commit to stay at our store the better the deal we will be able to give you. Discuss your thoughts with our team and they can help you to get the best price available.

The popularity of your chosen unit size

Some unit sizes are always more popular than others, there can often be no rhyme or reason to this, but popular units may be more expensive or can on occasion have a waiting list.

Ground floor or first floor

Ground floor units are generally more expensive than first floor units due to the ease of access. However, we do have a lift system at Segment, and if you like the exercise, you can always take the stairs to the units on the first floor. On the flip side however if you do not intend to access your unit regularly the first floor units represent better value for money.

Extended access hours

For the majority of our customers, accessing their unit during our office hours is sufficient and many like the comfort of knowing that there will be someone on site should they have any questions. However for some customers they may need to access their unit earlier in the morning or later into the evening, for these customers we can offer extended access hours.


Some customers who know they need storage for a long period of time can reduce the costs by, for example, paying for 6 or 12 months up front. If you are in this position, talk to us about the pre-payment discounts available.

How long is my storage quotation valid?

We will honour all quotations for 28 days, to enable you to budget for your storage.

What is included in the self storage price?

The quote you receive covers the cost of storage only, however all our customers benefit from these additional services:

  • Free car parking
  • Free use of trolleys and pallet trucks
  • Tea and coffee
  • Meeting rooms (available to book free of charge)*

*terms and conditions apply

The following are not included in your storage price:

  • Insurance
  • Padlocks (we sell these on site)
  • Security Fob Deposit

Are there any other costs I should know about?

There will be additional charges if you lose your fob or padlock keys.

How much do storage units cost to rent?

The cost for our smallest unit starts from just £37 per month.

Self Storage Insurance

Whilst our Melksham store has been built with security in mind, there may unfortunately be some scenarios that we cannot anticipate such as fire or flood. For this reason we need to ensure that all goods are fully insured when they are stored with us. We will not allow a customer to store goods that are not insured.

We provide comprehensive insurance cover through Basil & Fry who are specialist self storage insurers. It covers more perils than your standard household insurance policy and provides additional protections should something unforeseen happen. The policy is valid whilst your goods are stored within your storage unit, they are not covered whilst you are loading, unloading or in transit. As this policy is not connected to your
household policy, if there is a claim, any no claims discount you have will not be affected.

For more information on our insurance please click here: Self Storage Insurance

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