Why Rent a Self Storage Unit?

There are times in all our home and business lives when we need a bit more space. Segment® Storage can provide you with a safe, secure and flexible solution to your additional storage needs, be it freeing that spare room or additional space for business stock.

The key benefits of a self storage unit are:

Extra space:

Sometimes there just isn’t any more room at home or at work. Customers choose to store a wide range of items, these can include seasonal items such as sports or camping equipment, Christmas decorations, summer or winter clothes. Many customers use self storage while they audit what they really need to keep. Whatever your needs we have the perfect space for you!

Protection from the elements:

Our internal storage units are naturally protected from the elements, so will keep your goods protected from rain, wind, snow or sun damage. We also have pest control measures in place should this be a concern.


You can access your unit at any time during our office hours, you do not need to book a slot or let us know, just turn up with your fob and padlock keys and come and go as you please. If you need to access your unit outside of office hours, you can utilise our extended access hours service.


Self storage units offer excellent value, as you only need to rent the actual additional space you need for the length of time that suits you.


With CCTV coverage 24/7, alarms and smoke/fire detectors your possessions are in a safe place, ready for when you next need them.

When do I need self storage?

Self storage can be ideal for a wide range of circumstances involving your home or business. There’s never a bad time to rent self storage, whether you are moving house, downsizing, dealing with a bereavement, decluttering your home or just need somewhere to store seasonal items.

Here are a few reasons you may require storage:

Moving home

Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences that an individual or family can ever go through. Even a move that feels exciting and enjoyable at first, soon becomes taxing, especially as the moving day approaches.

Self storage units offer a variety of advantages during the moving process. For starters, they provide an extra space to store items that you don’t want to part with but cannot fit in your new home. In addition, it can keep your items safe and secure while you move from one property to the next.

Home overflow

It’s no surprise that our homes can become quickly overwhelmed with possessions. Whether it’s furniture, books, memorabilia or anything else, sometimes we just need to make space for what matters most in our lives. Free up your home and make room for the more important things with self storage.

Renovation or redecoration

Are you about to embark on a home improvement project? Perhaps you want to redecorate your living room, but don’t have enough space in the rest of your house or flat to store furniture, carpets and other items?

Self storage can help protect your household items, and furniture from potential damage such as by paint splashes, dust and other substances. Plus it can free up space making your project much easier.

Business storage

Self-storage units are also a great option for businesses who need extra space. Whether it’s to store equipment, documents or excess stock, self-storage is far cheaper than renting more office space as you only pay for the actual amount of space that you use.

Relocating a business

If you’re planning to relocate business premises, you’ll likely need somewhere to store your office equipment, tools, furniture, documents and other items while moving. You can tick one more task off the to-do list by using self storage for your business items.

Going to University

Students often require a place to store items such as clothes, books and furniture over the summer months when they return home. Self storage is an ideal solution, as you can use it for as long or short a time as you need.


Heading off across the world? Our storage units are perfect for keeping belongings safe while you’re off on your adventure. Best of all, once you return your items will be right where you left them. Our flexible rentals mean you can rent your unit for exactly however long you want to go away for.

Self Storage Steps

Step 1: Choose and reserve your storage unit
It can be hard to envisage how much storage space you will need, for more details of our units and what they can hold please look at our Size Guide. Alternatively pop in or give our team a call.

Don’t panic! If it turns out that your unit needs are different to what you originally thought, we will do our best to move you to a unit more appropriate to your storage requirements.

You can reserve your over the phone or in store.

Step 2: Pack!
To help with this process we have packing boxes, bubble wrap and tape all available in store. Check out our full range of packing materials.

Step 3: Check in and move into your storage unit
On your move in day there are few security details we will need to take which include your ID documents:

  • Passport or Photocard Driving Licence
  • Proof of address (utility bill or bank statement dated in last 3 months)

So please be sure to bring these with you, if you have any problems with this please give us a call.

When you arrive to move into your storage unit we will show you around the site so you are familiar with our store and your unit.

Reserve your storage space today

Unsure what size of storage unit you need?
Check out our Size Guide or if you would rather speak to someone? Please give us a call or better still pop in and let us show you around.

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